21 Nov

Whats up! It´s Eva here. Just got back from Norway where we played our last shows in a long time. NOW we are officially writing our second album, with no shows ahead. Feels empty in a way! The past 2 years we´ve done at least a gig or two in a week. Damnet! Where are we going to express ourselves now! Well..in our new songs 🙂 Right now we spend most of the days listening to music and writing songs. We live in Nurmijärvi in the beautiful countyside and here we can really enjoy the silence.

The past two years has been a hell of a ride! So much has happened and it feels like my head is spinning around. I am happy, fulfilled and have no words to thank you, our followers and listeners enough.

The process of songwriting

I´ve been starting to realize, how long of a process it actually is to write a new album (I bet anyone who has done albums or anything creative can agree with me on this one). Specially in our case, where our debutalbum was made so spontaneously. I mean seriously, we didn´t even think we would form an official touring band when we started to write songs together! We were just a guy and a girl  looking to travel and explore the world. Wrote songs about it. Kept diary and figured out what we should do next. This second album is a really different process. We live in our countryside house now, we dont travel like we used to and we dont work on different farms like we used to. All that is now somewhere in the golden treasure-box of memories and NOW its time to do something new.

What will you write about? Where do you get the stories now?

We´ve been asked this question a lot. Sure like any other songwriter or human being (did I just separate those two from each other?) we go through little crisis, happy times, love, life in general. Its like there is a little person inside of us wanting to tell how she/he feels, what is happening, what could happen, and that keeps us writing songs. We are storytellers. As a duo we are more independent than before, more individuals and that´ll play a big part on our new album. Manu and I tell our own stories and share them together with our listeners. It sure isnt the easiest path to be a couple and a band at the same time, but we manage well and every obstacle on the way makes us stronger. One challenge is also not to fall in to that “what will other people think”- mood. Once you let those thoughts take control, its really hard to get back. Its such a sensitive thing to write songs and perform them. You completely open yourself up.

I´ve had other bands before, but none of them have had this much impact on me than Eva&Manu. There is so much connected to this band, to the songs and everything. Im a lot more careful with what I write than before. In my opinion lately I´ve written very good songs, and veeeery bad songs. But I don´t throw the bad songs to the garbage like I used to. I proudly add them right next to the good ones in my song collection. I never forget Livingston Taylor´s songwriting class at Berklee where he said this: “always remember, allow yourself to write shit.” The most important thing is to just keep on writing! Don´t be too critical. Its better to write weak songs than not to write at all.

To the end, here´s a couple of pictures from our trip to Norway last week! We spent two days in a beautiful little town called Larvik. Its about 1,5h drive to the south from Oslo. Wonderful, wonderful place! Larvik Sushi had so incredibly good food that we might go back there just for that. Our venue was by the sea and we went to swim in the ice cold ocean also. Oslo was beautiful as always!

Much love and feel free to follow our songwriting process here on Travel in Music!
Eva (&Manu)







Kun aika on (Nino Rota) cover for a finnish movie!

1 Oct

Hey everyone!

Its been a while! We are trying to keep writing our travelinmusic blog, but lately we have had so much to do that at the end of the day we have to go get some fresh air, not staying in front of the computer. We´re doing our best 😉

Anyhow, we are SO HAPPY to finally release a new music video for you to watch! Its a cover song  from the famous composer Nino Rota and the song was originally a love theme for Romeo & Juliet. This is a finnish version and its the main theme for a movie Ainoat oikeat (premiere 27/12/2013). We arranged our own version of it and recorded it at Fried Music Studio in Punavuori, Helsinki. There is Eliel Viitala on drums, Juho Kanervo on cello, us, and Lasse Kurki helped us with the recording. Arttu Peljo is the sound magician.
So, here you go, let us know how you like it! MANU SINGING IN FINNISH GUYS! 🙂

Much Love,



13 Aug

Oh dear dear what a weekend we had in Germany!! We were warming up for two amazing groups and strong female singers; ZAZ and Sophie Hunger. We were touring with a sound engineer Tero “Terttu” Ahnberg (The Rasmus, Chisu, Anssi Kela..) and our new drummer, amazing guy and one of our best friends, Jooel. He´s a all around musician from Helsinki, just travelled Australia for 6 months and is doing his own music and playing for example with one of the most respected young rappers in Finland, Noah Kin and electronic/soul band from Helsinki, Rime.

Back to Germany. With ZAZ we played at one of the most famous venues in Hamburg, Stadtpark, open air. It was one of our biggest audiences so far, around 5000 standing. We were so happy how warmly the audience welcomed us in! Sometimes it might be challenging to open for someone, as the audience is there obviously for the main act 🙂 Germans have been extremely good to us so far and we are always happy to come down there to play. Next gig is at Neumuenster, Kulturfestival Kunstflecken.

Germany gigs


The next day, Saturday, we travelled on train to Bonn where we opened for the multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, Sophie Hunger. We played in a big tent at Kunst!Palast. We had met the band once before while opening for them at Huxleys, Berlin, last February.  Very lovely people and was superb to get to know them a bit more! And german people, like we promised, we´ll be back soon!!


Thank you for following and stay tuned!


Round ´n round we play ´n go!

16 Jul

How to put it… WE ARE FULL OF LOVE GUYS!!!! Kaustinen Folk Music Festival and Jyväskylän kesä: YES! Its so cool that we can do either bigger venue gigs or then very intimate acoustic shows. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is an old and very low key festival in Kaustinen, Finland. This little town is full of musicians and so you can imagine how nice the festival is. Music everywhere, players in every corner. There were big jams of lots of people playing violins, flutes, guitars etc together. We were proud to be a part of it this year. We got to play at the main Arena last Tuesday where the mood was nice. Candles, flowers, smiling people. The next day we played at the tent Cafe Mondo. Too bad we had to shorten our set due to some schedule problems.. We actually forgot to take pictures because we had so much stuff to do, but heres a couple.







And here are couple of pictures by Jiri Halttunen from Jyväskylän Kesä at Bar Vakiopaine:

Eva&Manu Vakiopaine 2013_3 © Jiri Halttunen

Eva&Manu Vakiopaine 2013_2 © Jiri Halttunen

Manu Vakiopaine 2013 © Jiri Halttunen

Eva Vakiopaine 2013 © Jiri Halttunen

More posts to come, we are working on some new stuff and will post about the process quite soon.

Thanks for following, you make us smile!


Magical weekend

17 Jun

One of the most expected weekends just passed and we had two great shows!! First one was Friday at Provinssirock, one of the most legendary music festivals in Finland. We got there around afternoon with our sound magician, Kalle Keski-Orvola and drummer Eeti Nieminen. Mood was happy and festival-a-like. Weather was like in November but didn´t seem to stop the crowd! While walking on the festival area, a man dressed as a Batman stopped Eva and wanted to save her from this world! I mean, BATMAN! She was honored, but continued walking.
Our stage was Rumba stage. Among us there was glam rock, punk as acoustic music. Nice variety of more known and new coming bands! We did a super funny interview with radio YleX before our show, and that interview finally got us to the exciting festival mood! Eva was part of Summeri TV show on YLE, where she was hanging around with Julianna, a 17 years old host of the summer TV-show. They went to talk to different people, talked what is important to have on you during a weekend-festival and also went to explore the dangerous and challenging “bajamajas”, aka “brought to the spot”- toilets. Yaiks. We also got soaking wet!!
So, our show was real nice. Towards the end we started to hear the kicking beat of Blur, and joined the crowd to see their show after ours 🙂 THANK YOU PROVINSSI!

Photo 14.6.2013 19.39.32

Photo 14.6.2013 20.42.48

Photo 14.6.2013 23.12.45

The next day we hit the road towards east, Kuopio. There was a small festival LUMO, which they call “the festival of good mood”. It certainly was! We played at the old harbour, Ravintola Wanha Satama. The venue was beautiful wood building that looked like one from old pirate movies! Super nice crew and our first touch to Kuopio. We started at 9pm and were more than happy to play to a full house! Our bassist and good friend Ville Kyttälä joined the stage for this show. THANK YOU KUOPIO! 🙂 After our show we stayed at the venue to see the next band, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble feat. Axl Smith. Its a rather new finnish/african collaboration that gives much joy and happiness! Two percussionists from Benin brought the extra flavour that finally made even the stiff finnish audience party and dance.

Photo 16.6.2013 0.10.12

Photo 16.6.2013 2.45.10Photo 16.6.2013 0.10.38Photo 15.6.2013 18.58.15

Next day we headed back to the south very early, came back home tired but extremely satisfied and happy. Next stop is Tampere Valtteri-festival where we play THU 20th and FRI 21st. WILL BE GREAT!

Thanks for following and lets get the big sun back here!! 🙂


!Summer festivals!

9 Jun

It has been so sunny and warm in Finland that our time on the computer has been limited.. as you can imagine. Us finns we enjoy the sun probably more than an average western person as the winter here is SO long! We also just moved in to a new house where we are setting up our studio to start songwriting. We are dying to write more songs, this spring has been so busy that we didn´t have time for it! Now we have a very nice amount of summer shows and will have time to hang out at the countryside studio, drink orangejuice (fresh, of course), jam and write music.

Someone just asked me during an interview if we will ever settle down. Seems like we are constantly on the move. Boston, camper, Helsinki (where we have moved in 4 times). Only thing I could answer was, that we are very spontaneous people and always live with the feeling. Also, we dont own so much at the moment so moving is quite painless! In a way its very exiting to be a little bit unsure of the future. You know? Or then we are nuts. Either way, summer is here and we are happy among everyone else!

Lets get to the summer shows. Like I said above, we have nice pace with playing concerts and we are traveling nicely around Finland. As usual, lots of shows will be updated along the summer, but at the moment the schedule looks like this:

SAT 15.6 LUMO-festivaali, Kuopio
THU/FRI 20/21.6 VALTTERI-festivaali, Tampere
TUE/WED 9/10.7 Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Kaustinen
SAT 27.7 TBA
SAT 3.8 TBA, Helsinki
SAT 17.8 KOITELI ELÄÄ-festival, Koiteli

Most of the gigs we are doing duo or trio (with our drummer), Pori Jazz will be a special full band show! There we are sharing the Kirjurinluoto Areena stage with AMADOU&MARIAM!! A band from Mali we have listened to A LOT. At Provinssirock we are playing same date with BLUR, BASTILLE, MEW and many others. You can follow our summer trip on our facebook page.

With lots of love,

Eva (&Manu)


Danke schön!

20 May

So the german tour is over and we are back to France. We are two very tired but happy souls! We got to see so many cities; Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt and all the cities we crossed on the way. Skipper never let us down even it was full of gear, suitcases, musicians (Eeti), hitchhikers (dont remember his name but a very cool guy) and sound engineers (Terttu). We were also very lucky with the weather for most of the time it was super hot and sunny. We ate ice cream, a lot of ice cream. Once again the shows were great, and we had very good time with Die Zeit, ZDF, Radio Bremen and Radio Bayern 3.





It was rather nostalgic to tour Germany with our van. Everything started from there, Skipper is really like a home for us. When someone could think its very tiny and rather old, we think its the most comfy and best place to sleep in. It really is what you make it! We drove long distances, sometimes 500km a day (and remember, Skipper goes average 80km/h) so we had lots of time to think and listen to music. So much has happened since we drove that van the last time. When we first left we had no idea what would happen. We had no idea that one year after traveling we would have an amazing record label, lots of fans and our first album out! This tour in Germany brought all these memories back and made us remember why we are doing what we are doing.

We are staying in France for one more week, for example to celebrate Manu’s 24th birthday next weekend! In Finland we will have lots of things to do so this will be our so called holiday week!


With lots of love and danke schön,



Germany day #5

13 May

Wow, the time has gone so fast on the tour! It´s already day 5 and we are in Hamburg at the moment. First show we had was last Thursday in Munchen where we played at Milla Live Club just the two of us. Milla Club has been a live music venue only for about 6 months, and we heard that it actually used to be a river before! The crew was super nice to us and the gig went well too! Warm and welcoming first gig indeed.

Eva @ Milla

The next day we drove to Frankfurt where our drummer Eeti joined us. During the drive from Munich to Frankfurt we picked up a german hitchhiker and he gave us very good company along the way. For the first time every Skipper was pulled over by the polizei. Nothing serious, just a normal control and they were really nice to us 🙂 They just spotted Skipper because he obviously draws a lot of attention! After a couple hours of driving, listening to music and enjoying the stunning views, we arrived. This time our venue was a bit out from the city, a very cool place called Brotfabrik. The sun was shining and us and Skipper were really happy! Also, for the first time ever Eva´s keyboard didn´t work in the beginning of the show. What had happened?? Well we don´t know either. For the first 4 songs Manu was entertaining the audience while Eva was partly singing and partly trying to solve the problem with Terttu, our sound engineer. After many sweat drops we got it working! Audience bared with is this whole time, thank you everyone who came out!

Polizei germany


We stayed two nights in Frankfurt, from where we drove to Köln. This, the show #3 was in a place called Yard Club. Another cool show and we got to sign a finnish flag after our show 😉 Our audience has been super nice and welcoming in every city.

At the moment we are in Hamburg, right in the heart of the famous Reeperbahn. Our venue tonight is right around the corner, in Prinzenbar. Showtime 8pm! We have been there once before, during Reeperbahn Festival where we played last year. We found an amazing italian restaurant right behind Reeperbahn and will definitely go back there! The best pizza and pasta, very homemade and tasty.

Now, off to the soundcheck and getting ready for the show tonight!

With love,

Almost in Germany

2 May

Finally we got back to Paris, but through a little detour; only 40km before Paris Skipper decided to leave us on the side of the highway. We had been driving for 10h, it was raining and dark, and it seemed impossible! Luckily there was a guy working who came to help us out, and we got Skipper back on the road. This was the first time ever that Skipper did this, and hopefully the last one! We are only starting with driving, a whole tour in Germany is still ahead of us.

So we are starting our tour on the 8th of May from Munich, where we will be playing in Milla Live Club. This will be a duo set, all the rest of the tour will be with our drummer. From Munich we will drive to Frankfurt, where the venue is Brotfabrik on the 10thThen Köln Yard Club 11th, Hamburg Prinzenbar 13th, Bremen Moments/Nordwest Radio 14th and we end to Berlin Gruner Salon on the 15th of MayIn Berlin we will also do a TV feature for ZDF, more details about that a bit later on.

All my music- Eva&Manu featured as the newcomer!
All my music wrote an article about us as the newcomer, very cool! You can read it online and share it with your friends! You can find the article about us and many other interesting things to read about here: http://www.allmymusic.de/l18-Newcomer/

ADTicket is hosting a competition where you can win tickets to our shows in Germany! Basically all you need to do is write down your name and you are on! You can win the tickets to a show closest to you. https://www.facebook.com/ADticket?sk=app_160687337351700

If you know people in Germany, let them know also!

If you are new to our music, here´s a little blog explaining a bit us and our music http://guthoerenistwichtig.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/gluckseligkeit-besiegt-neugier-eva-manu/

So, the tour is getting closer and closer and we are more than ready to go. We´ve had only good experiences playing in Germany (w/Sophie Hunger in Berlin, Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg) and are really looking forward to the shows.

To the end of this post, here´s a video we did with our friend and an AMAAAZING beat boxer Felix Zenger. Video just reached 11,000 views!
Have a beautiful day and thank you for following.

Love, Eva&Manu

100% nature

29 Apr


We have spent the past weekend in the amazing southwest of France, Gers where our trip first began in 2010. So much has happened since. Its incredible!
Last time we were here was almost exactly a year ago, when we recorded all the vocals for our debut album. Though then it was about -5 Celsius inside, now its a bit warmer and sunnier!

There´s been a new addition to the family : a beautiful foal! We have never witnessed something like that before, waaa! Now, only few days after its birth the foal and its mother are happily running in the green fields.

Manu’s dad Jean Laudic and Anne Gouyon organize camps for kids during summer and if you want to learn more about their project and what happens in their farm you Should really follow their blog L´Aube du Chêne, here http://www.laubeduchene.fr/ and drop them a comment 🙂

Here are some pictures I took with my phone, just so you get a little touch of how it is here at the moment




At the moment we are cleaning Skipper and making it ready to depart with us tomorrow!! First we will drive to Paris to get all the gear, spend a couple of days there and then we will hit the road towards Munich, Germany where we will play in Milla Live Club.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket already you can check this link for all German dates: http://www.adticket.de/Eva-Manu.html

Thank you for following, and more updates soon!