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Travel in Music: our blog, our trip.

25 Oct


This is it. We are ready. Ready to Cross Europe and write our album. We met in Helsinki, we played our first show together, left the family with tears and then flew to Paris. Luckily we got there but we had to rebook our train to South-West France. We just finished the Camping Car this morning and it’s funny to think about the past months…

2 months back, we were still looking for a flat in London, ready to fit in the city life. So we thought, will that environment be the best for composing our first album? Writing songs surrounded by 4 small walls? It’s in the heart of South-west France, with our family and friends that we decided to travel around Europe.

It seemed almost impossible to find enough money to survive for 6 months. By meeting farmers we heard about WWOOF and HELPX, two organizations that put in contact hosts and helpers. So, we will stay on Organic farms through our trip, working and meeting people, sharing our experience and learn more about different lifestyles.

This is what our album will sound like : Nature, Love, Friendship, Help, Community etc… this album will be different, true to us and to our listeners.

On this blog you can travel with us, in music :). Each week we’ll post a new Video with a new song, either an Original or a cover. On that video we will show you what we see on our way. We want you to share this blog with as many people as you can, because we believe it shows that with a little help we can do great things.

Tomorrow,Tuesday 26th, Day 1, we’ll be gone. We have about 400 Kms ahead of us under the warm sun before we hit the first farm. A wonderful place for retired Horses and Ponies.

Have a good night and to listen, our first video:

Beggar’s Prayer by Emiliana Torrini set in Finland.


Manu and Eva