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Week 4 “Shape of My Heart”

28 Nov


I must say, it has been a GREAT week! Can you believe, last Sunday in the pouring rain we managed to find Sting’s villa in the heart of Tuscany! What a beautiful place.. Then on Monday we met our new hosts, a wonderful German-American couple who create unique gardens ( That has been our job: covering the tropical plants for the winter, weeding the garden and so on.

There are a bunch of young people working on this place including Tommaso, who became a great friend. He takes care of everything you can imagine from gardening to working in the office, and the best part, partying crazy with us. Since last night Tommy turned out to be a great manager: he got us our first gig in Italy next Saturday!! Thank you Tommy!

Here we finally got the time to stop worrying about leaving the camper or finding a parking lot where we can sleep. We have an amazing apartment, and after work Tommy often takes us out to enjoy italian culture, food and life. Actually, it has been so wonderful that we decided to stay here at least one more week 🙂 Our next farm got cancelled and we are still trying to figure out how to spend Christmas, unbelievable it’s almost December! We feel more inspired and every day it is easier to work together, sing together and write songs together.

The song of this week “Shape of My Heart” is one of the most well known (and most covered) songs of Sting’s solo career. Naturally, for we are hanging around Sting’s Italian area, we decided to play a song of his. And also, Sting has been a role model for the both of us. We hope this music will warm you in the chilly nights wherever you are 🙂

Share you thoughts and ideas by leaving a comment below. We will be more than happy to read them!

Thank you for traveling with us, with love

Eva and Manu


Week 3 “Cut Worries”

20 Nov

Dear reader,

It’s been a week now that we’ve been traveling down Italy. We left Bosia, and arrived at Greve-in-Chianti, a town in Tuscany famous for its wine market during September. To be sincere, it’s been raining almost everyday. We tried to play outside but the rain was always surprising us. Naturally, we couldn’t have the camera outside so we decided to record this video in Skipper, our camper.

Every day seems like a big challenge; we never know where we will be sleeping the next night. We’ve been staying in parking lots, at first it was a bit scary but we got used to it. Couple nights back we stayed on a gipsy camp, then next to the highway, in the centre of cities etc. Until Florence we had a destination on the map but after that capital city of Tuscany we just asked people on the streets where to go. That is a lot of fun, we found some beeeaautiful little villages we would have never found!

“Cut Worries” talks about how there is always light in the darkness. Sometimes what you do doesn’t seem to have any point, sometimes you stop to wonder what are you really doing with your life. This past week we’ve both been feeling kind of homesick and blue. It is hard to live in a small camper when it is 7 degrease outside and 9 inside. It’s funny how we really tend to understand the value of things only when we loose them.

But no matter how cold or rainy it is outside, it always warms us to see how many of you are following us through this blog. We can never thank you enough, keep on traveling with us and stay positive! 🙂

With love,

Eva and Manu

Week 2 “Barefoot”

15 Nov

Hi you all !

We just arrived to Acqui Therme, a city between Alba and Alessandria. Ah it feels good to be in a city, surrounded by young people, cafes, restaurants etc. After two weeks of working on farms we have been realizing how much of city-cats we have been. We didn’t see that before so clearly. We already learned a lot of organic farming, taking care of animals, renovating, gardening. Oh and Also, we begun to dream of our own farm one day 🙂

Skipper has been a great ride! He (haha yes, we personalized our camping car) drove us all the way from south west France toNorthern Italy and the travel is only in the beginning! We saw some amazing places in France, accidently drove all the way to Nice and we had to come back up through the Alps to cross Italy! Wow, what a big difference between South France and North Italy. We crossed the border through a tunnel and as we got out, we were amazed to see so many Factories and Empty cities. It is inspiring though, and  those experiences will turn into songs!

This song is called Barefoot and it is recorded in the kitchen we used in Bosia. It has some videoclips of our trip from France to Italy which was a short and intense drive! Have you ever had a moment when you saw your life pass front of your eyes? Well, We will never get over with the huge cliff you’ll see at the very end 😀

Thanks for traveling with us this week.

With all our love,
Eva and Manu

Cannot upload the Video ! Internet connection is too slow…

13 Nov

Hey guys,

We try and try and try but cannot upload the video. The internet connection is way too slow that we can’t even put a picture on the post.

This week has been very hard, about 4/5 hours of work every morning digging holes or cutting down trees but the life here is very interesting. So much to learn !!

Plus, we are too far from the city to get to an internet cafe but Monday we leave so we will upload it then. Let’s hold on !! 🙂

Thank you for staying tuned,

With love,

Eva and Manu

Hello from an organic farm, Bosia, Italy!

10 Nov


Two days ago we arrived to our destination in Bosia, North Italy. It is very interesting to see how big of a difference it is from the previous farm. Let’s see, it is like being back to basics, Stove heater, No (Modern) Shower and Outside bathroom. The house is nearly 300 years old, no locks and in the middle of the forest.

Our host, Christina, is a wonderful Swiss Musician who decided to move in here to live sustainably, organically. She has 7 sheep, 2 goats, little cats, dogs, and a very large garden.

We are actually sitting in the main room of the house, ready to get the milk from the goat for morning coffee.

We recorded the new video this afternoon, and we are putting it all together. Though the internet is so slow that we are afraid to not be able to upload it. We are doing our best, hopefully it will be in your home soon. Patience friends… 🙂

How is it on your side? We were soooooooo Happy to receive many comments and would love to hear more about your plans, ideas, suggestions…

Truly yours,

Eva and Manu.



We arrived to Italy!!

7 Nov

Dear reader,

first of all, many thanks for staying with us. Skipper just drove us down to Italy! We are definitely excited to see what will happen, right now we are writing from a camping area in Alba, Italy. Tomorrow we will go to new farm through where we will be doing woodowork, and of course, writing new songs.

We have only 10 min on the internet spot so this is all for now, new video will be up within couple of days!

All our love,

Eva and Manu

Week 1 “In Montreal”

3 Nov


So the trip begun and the first week is behind. We feel happy and relaxed even a bit sad to be far away from home. Once we get to the rhythm of changing place all the time, we will be totally in the traveling!

First stop was a beautiful farm near Albi, France. This stop was through Helpx ( where a wonderful swiss/english couple hosted us for one week. This is a farm for retired horses and ponies, absolutely a great idea to give horses and ponies their freedom. They run free in 50 hectars! There are also 5 dogs, goats, goose, chickens and cats. Like you might know, everything happens for a reason and life guides us on our way if we let it do so. Eva has been hoping for long to meet spiritual people who knows about energy healing (Reiki). Well, the first day we met Wendy and Peter they told us they are Reiki masters! Not only we got to take care of animals and breathe the fresh air of country side but Eva got her first degree in Reiki healing. No more painkillers 🙂 We also did some woodwork, renovating, painting etc. Our week with Wendy and Peter was amazing and we will definitely drive Skipper down there again!

First night after leaving the farm, we got to a beautiful city called Millau. Because we didn’t find a spot to park Skipper and sleep, we stayed the night in a small village next to Millau, called Paulhe. We parked on a parking slot of a church and slept well!

We chose the song In Montreal for you, because at the moment we can relate perfectly to the song. It tells about taking risks, leaving home with your loved one and gaining experience in life.

Thank you for staying with us on our journey, live fully and respect every day for none of them is like others.

With all our Love,

Eva and Manu

ps: The quality is divided in two for we’ve  had trouble finding internet to upload the video. Finally we found wi-fi in this great organic cafe: