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Find Yourself – Week 7/8

28 Dec

Hey Hey,

Christmas! What a wonderful time of the year. I had the chance to go back home and i have to say it was short. Too short. Though i had the time to do everything i was expected to : Prepare an amazing meal with Foie gras, duck, salmon, Grands crus classes, Sauterne; Fight in the snow with my brother; fix an old Peugeot Moped; meet my little brother Ilan; and of course get sick. Haha

It’s been already 2 weeks and tomorrow we’ll be back on the plane heading to Roma. Wua, so much is to come, like our show with our very good friend Kris Roche on the 30th in Castiglione del lago or … Well you’ll see in the future videos !

This video is Solo. The song is about finding yourself, making decisions with your heart and not letting others pressuring on you. I decided to record it in my Kitchen so you can see where i live. All the paintings are Cat Sirot‘s and you have to check her website, her Art is just Incredible!

I hope you had the best holidays ever!

Thank you for traveling with us.


Eva and Manu


Oh noo we are both sick!

26 Dec

Dear reader,

and so it goes that when it´s time to relax and mind is free of stress, one gets sick. It didn´t make it any easier to Manu to have +13 celcisus inside the house. The heater in his house next to the beautiful Versailles,France, broke down! Though, if there is something good in being sick, it is that you are forced to lay down and take it easy. What is unfortunate, is that neither one of us can play nor sing 😦 We planned to give YOU 2 videos as a christmas present, one from Eva in Finland and one from Manu in France.

We will still give you the 2 videos but just a little later. It´s always nice to get some extra presents after Christmas, right?

Couple more days left in our homes before returning to Rome, where we will be spending the New Year Eve! We also have a good friend joining us and we will continue our travel somewhere a little more warm 🙂

Thank you for staying with us, after the strom there is always a nice weather.

With love, Eva and Manu

Christmas Present! 2 videos on Dec 26th

22 Dec

Yes !!

It is Christmas Time. Eva and I had the chance to go home to celebrate it with our families. She is experiencing the Cold air of Finland and i am fighting Through Paris where everybody is getting late on their Calendar. You know, they say it is the coldest time Europe has had for decades,… I mean whouaa, i’ll be spending lots of time at home reading front of the fireplace with lights dancing as christmas decorations blink. That… I cannot wait…

This week, we know you might not be turning on your computer very often but we wanted to have this Christmas special ! There will be 2 videos, 1 from Jyvaskyla(Finland) and one from Paris(France) to be released on Dec 26th. Christmas Presents !

We also decided that now on, we will be posting recipes that you can do at home. Stay tuned for that, the first one will be very Italian ahah.

There isn’t much more to say, i don’t want to hold you from meeting everyone that counts in your life.

Have a safe and happy Christmas, may our hearts be warm and light.

With much Love,

Eva and Manu

Week 6 “My Song”

12 Dec

Hello and ciao!

Here we are still, at the border of Umbria and Tuscany, working in Giardino Reinhardt. We don’t have words to describe how wonderful they have been to us. Martina and Thomas ( offered us a beautiful apartment, they feed us well with vegetarian food and we have seen Italian life at its best! On Saturday morning Eva went horse back riding with Reinhardt’s friend Lisa who owns couple of horses. Lisa is one of the English people living in this area. There are also a lot of German, French and Dutch people. I also heard that there is a one finnish woman living somewhere nearby.. 🙂

On Wednesday Martina took us to the traditional Italian Ciaccia fritta Festival. Ciaccia fritta is sort of a fried pizza/dough and you enjoy it either with salt or sugar. There is live music, little handcraft market and endlessly free new wine (after 2 to 3 months of fermentation, about 10%). The festival lasts from noon to the night and people don’t work during that day.

We have spent one month in Italy now and it has for sure been a great experience. What we still don’t quite understand, is how old fashioned and stuck to traditions this part of Italy is. For Eva it has been rather difficult at times to work in the garden with men for they don’t really show any respect towards women in this kind of work. The people working with us are also from Romania and Albania. In the beginning Eva tried to fight against it but after a while we realized it is impossible to try to change anyone unless they want to change. At least we try our best to open peoples minds.

What comes to the Week 6 video, we wanted to try something new. So, this week you will hear Eva perform her song “My Song”. It is recorded in a BEEEAUTIFUL town called Cortona, right next to where we stay. Credits of filming around goes to Manu!

Thank you for traveling with us, stay positive! 🙂

With love,

Eva and Manu

Week 5 – “Hold On” New song!

5 Dec


How was your week? Got a bit cold? They said all over the news this is the coldest winter Europe has had in the past decade! Well we felt it a bit here; we had the first snow of the trip and it got close to -5 here.

In this place we can really enjoy Italian lifestyle so we decided to stay here one more week. Our friend Tommy takes us to pubs and cafes from Perugia to Cortona and we often cook Italian food together.

Actually yesterday was our first gig in Italy! We played at “909 Café” at Castiglione del Lago. It was full. The vibe was amazing with soft lighting and wineglasses dancing. It was very interesting to play after all this travel, to finally stand up and talk about the trip. After the show we enjoyed couple more free drinks at the bar and then headed to another city nearby. The night got very short for all the bars stopped selling drinks after 2am. I guess the winter is here! This area really lights up during summertime. We’ll be back…

This week we decided to play a new song and have it very “live”, with not too many videos on it. It’s recorded in our host’s library. It talks about change, taking risks, leaving home and getting to know yourself. So basically, our trip. 🙂

We got some video footage from last night’s concert and it will be up very soon!

With love,

Eva and Manu

First gig of our trip!!

3 Dec

Now is the time to show what we’ve got! Our Italian manager, Tommy, got us a show in a very very VERY awesome wine and live music bar, 909 Cafe in Castiglione del Lago.

We will play the songs you’ve heard on our videos and some new ones also. There will be a video team shooting this show and one of the songs will be our Week 5 video, released on Sunday night.

Also, Giardino Reinhardt has been such a great place to work and meet wonderful people, that we will stay here until December 16th.

Thank you for staying with us, now we will go try a chocolate mousse Manu prepared for us all 😉

With love,

Eva and Manu