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Week 16 – Circle

28 Feb

Where can I start.
The last two weeks have been one of the best of our trip. We were warmly welcomed to Eco Vallee ( a wonderful Yurt Camp for summer. Alex, Clare and the kids India and Finn are such amazing and beautiful people, not to mention that they live in a self made yurt! We also had a taste of it and slept in one of the yurts. It was a great, adventurous experience.
The work has been very physical but as long as the company is good and you work under no stress, even the heaviest work seems super light.
They have a large family here; Pepito, an old, wonderful and stubborn working horse, chickens, cats, two adorable free-range pigs and Vigas, a very hyper-active dog. As a huge animal fan I’ve been lucky to get to feed the animals twice a day and I’ve learned a lot of farm life. It is such a good change for a city girl like myself.

A 24-hour songwriting challenge

Couple days ago while cutting down trees Alex came up with an amazing idea; a 24-hour songwriting challenge for us. People would have 24-hours to submit words online and we would have another 24-hours to write a song using those words. We were both a bit scared and nervous but we took the challenge! On last Friday morning we received the words and started working right away. It took us exactly that 24-hours to write it (yes, including sleeping 🙂 ) and on Sunday we recorded it. We tried something new also, performing the song live on UStream ( . It was a success so we will try to keep doing that every once in a while.

Look up for the NEW page ” Watch us Live! ”

Last night we were sitting in Skipper and watching all the videos we’ve done along our travel. It got us so sentimental and we saw many things we haven’t seen before. I think we haven’t really realized how amazing this trip has been. How much it has changed us, how much more we understand life and people. The trip is nearly close to its end, all those feelings are starting to come around…

Tomorrow we will head to Gers where we will leave Skipper and we just booked our tickets to Paris on Saturday. We have some cool stuff planned in the city of Amour. We will still be releasing videos all the way to the end of the Summer but maybe not as often.

The song you will hear now, is the result of the 24-hour songwriting challenge and is called “Circle”. The title means that life is a circle, what we learn is to be given and what we experience is to be shared.

How can we ever thank YOU enough for traveling with us!

With love, Eva and Manu

Here are the lyrics, black words are the ones we received.


With a heavy heart
she walked in to the room
Mother seemed serene
she’s ready to go.
We float back in time
as I hold her tired hand
Can you see now,
do you remember
you were young.

Away from misty cities
moved in to spring sunshine
Symphony of birds applauded by the rain
There were paper dollies and chocolate brownies
it was all hand made.

Look back and smile
there’s nothing you’ve done wrong
Fly my swan, fly
this is your song.

There years passed fast
with care and forgiveness
I can see the child I was
you hold it in your hands
One day she’ll see those same things in me
And I’ll remember when we sat here
this last time.

Look back and smile
there’s nothing you’ve done wrong
Fly my swan, fly
this is your song.
Look back and smile
I’m where I belong
Fly, mother, fly
this is your song.


Song finished!

26 Feb

So we took the challenge, received many words and wrote a song based on those words. The song will up either today or tomorrow, depending on the rain because we have to record it outside.

Stay tuned! Love love,
Eva & Manu

24-hour songwriting challenge!

24 Feb

a 24-hour songwriting challenge with Eva and Manu started 9am this morning, French time!! YOU can now be a part of the song by writing words and from the words we receive, we have to write a whole song within 24 hours which will be our next video! The song will be up on Saturday. More rules and explanation at

Ready.. set… GOOOO!

Thank youuu!

19 Feb

We received so many beautiful comments on our Week 15 video, we are so grateful to have YOU following our journey.

Eva and Manu

Week 15 – Oliver James (Fleet Foxes Cover)

17 Feb

Well hello!

Here again, a duo that’s traveling, living in a cold camper, trying to survive, playing its music on the streets without any big success.. 🙂 But heads up! It has been great, we have many new plans for the summer and for the album. We will travel two weeks more with Skipper. We’ll leave the camper with Manu’s dad in Gers and take the train up to Paris! There we will stay for the whole month of March. We have meetings with different agencies and venues, should be fun.

This past week we spent in Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, living with Marie Claude, a journalist and educator. We learned a lot from her and did mostly gardening work. Couple days ago we went to visit Moissac, a very famous town that is part of the UNESCO ( Such a pretty place! The goal was to visit the abbey but as there was a funeral, we obviously couldn’t enter. We walked the main street down and happened to see a music store! Lo Matin Musical Haven’t seen one in a while.. We went in and with the biggest smiles one can imagine, the owners welcomed us in! We ended up chatting for a while and as I told him how much I miss playing piano, he took us to a room on the back of the store. What a sight! It was like a mini amphitheater with space for about 100 people and a stage with many pianos, mandolins, guitars etc. They insisted us to play couple of our songs for them, and so we hosted an ex tempore concert for the owner and his friends. Then, we got an idea of doing our Week 15 video (super delayed due to our illness) in this venue. So we did on the next day (Yesterday).

The next morning we dug a hole, got lunch, worked a bit more and straight after work we were on the road towards Moissac again. We set up the stage, got some tea and chocolate and we recorded a Fleet Foxes song “Oliver James”. As our trip is closer to the end, we wanted to cover a song that is important to us. Well, here it is. A great tune from Fleet Foxes’ first album.
Hope you’ll enjoy, see you next week friends.

PS : tonight will be our first night in a “Yurt” or “Ger”. Exciiiitedd !!
Our next host :

With love,

Eva and Manu


11 Feb

We finally found couple new farms and they seem very interesting! Eva is sick though, some virus went to her throat. Or then it is because of the daily motocross driving.. Anyway, the new video might be a little late.
We will keep you updated, stay tuned friends! 🙂

With love from Gers,
Eva and Manu

Week 14 – “Give Me Time”

7 Feb

Dear friends,

first of all apologies for uploading this post and video a bit late, though we do our best to keep up with the schedule.

Week ago on Monday we took Chris to the train that was about to take him to the warmness of Spain. He left to explore Barcelona, Valencia and the rest will go with the flow. As it should go 🙂 We hit the road again, Skipper was extremely cold (demonstration at the end of the video) but very happy to go and it felt good to be in that “we have absolutely no clue what to do” mind set. We traveled towards the west of France, staying close to the border of Spain. The night passed, the next day came and we decided to stop at Manu’s dad’s place in Lagraulet, France for it was so close to where we were.
We will stay here for couple more days and then.. uhmmm.. maybe we go to Spain. Depending on the money and new farms we get of course.

Most likely this trip will last about two more months. In March-April we will start arranging the rehearsals and recordings for the album! Wippiii! There’s a lot of things to do and we can’t wait to see how these songs sound with the band! We already have a drummer, bassist and guitarist and we are blessed to have such good musicians with us! We will stay in Finland for the most of the summer, living in Kallio (the heart of Helsinki!) and if all goes well we will do a little tour in Europe. These are the plans now. Eva will also work with Ele ( and some other bands.

This weeks song “Give Me Time” tells about relationships and the constant change we live with. For sure you all know what we are talking about. Things you face everyday and especially when you don’t expect or want them to happen, they happen. But this is life and all the struggles and worries just keeps the fire on! The last song “Syy/Reason Why” was both in finnish and english so we wanted to give it a try again, this time in french and english.

Thanks you for staying and traveling with us, couple more months to go guys! 🙂

With lots of love,

Eva & Manu

Week 14 video will up on Monday!

6 Feb

Dear friends,

Our Week 14 video recorded in Lagraulet, will up on Monday. Due to certain circumstances we couldn’t upload the video during the weekend.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Week 14 video “Give Me Time”

With loooots of love,
Eva and Manu

Thank you everyone!

4 Feb

More and more people are following our travels. Thank you SO much for being with us!
Soon Week 14 video. Now off to give Skipper a good spring cleaning!