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Soon new video!

18 Mar

Hey everybody!

It has been quiet here on, we got to Paris and are still trying to fit the city life once again. We set up a little recording studio and have been writing jingles and songs for our coming album! Paris is beautiful and we feel simply blessed to have the journey behind us. Now all the memories are turning into songs.

We will keep you posted what’s happening and share your thoughts too!
In the meanwhile, lets travel in music.

Eva and Manu


Home Studio !

9 Mar

Hey Hey,

That’s our very improvised little Home-Studio !!

Eva and Manu


5 Mar

Today is the time to head north. We will take the train in couple of hours but before that there are still a bunch of things to do. Skipper has to be emptied and cleaned, goodbyes must be said and, last but definitely not least, we have to buy some good wine from the farmers here.

We will still keep on writing our blog, share new discoveries with you all and post videos every now and then, say once or twice a month.

A tres vite!
Eva and Manu