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Helsinki !

20 May

Moi, Hello, Salut, Ciao !

The post says it all : We now live in Helsinki.

After traveling for almost 6 full months we now settled down for the summer in this wonderful nordic city.
How could we describe Helsinki? It’s a mixture of warmth and cold at the same time, a city where what usually feels dangerous/strange in a bigger city feels pretty natural and happy here. I have to say that it is quite different from France or Italy, in a very good way. Music is extremely present and life feels so much more relaxed. Parks are full of your friends organizing pic-nics or having a cold beer without mentioning the Skateboard/Frisbee nights we’re having.

That is what i call SUMMER ! Finnish have been waiting so long for the sun to warm again that every summer day is a good reason to be outside with your love ones. Everything seems so much more unique like if the sun gave a special glow to each object or person walking the streets of Helsinki. Helsinki enchanted me…

Everyday we think about those days on the road, those days spent with some of the most wonderful people we’ve met, those days where tomorrow was always different, those days when we felt so free. Those memories are driving us everyday to write and record our album. An album which will be fully written by our travel.

– This coming sunday we are entering the studio to record our first EP “Still traveling” which will be released on Bandcamp in the next two weeks. It will be for “Donation” Download and a hard copy will also be available.
– We decided with Eva that we will be back on releasing videos, because we just miss it :). This sunday we’ll get real nice footage from the studio with the band and get the video ready by next week. We’d like to record another “cover song” video that will go well with the EP, any suggestions?
– We’ve also booked a couple of shows in Helsinki including a living-room show Pop In organised by the association Chorus on June 8th (Perämiehenkatu 15). For more shows and info check out on the right of this page —>

With Much Much Love !

Manu and Eva