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Hyvää Juhannusta, Happy Mid-Summer. Eva at Radio Jyvaskyla !

27 Jun


We’ve been in the nature for the past 3 days, in Eva’s Family summer cottage, enjoying the simple life : fishing, reading, singing around the fire, having our feet in the water (haha). What a refreshing time we’ve had ! 🙂

If you are around Jyvaskyla tomorrow, tune up to Radio Jyvaskyla, we will have a little interview in the morning around 11am. You can also hear it online at

The interview will come out at 3.30pm! You can hear it again tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 6.45am, thats for morning people 🙂 

Much love !

Eva & Manu


Ylex Interview Now !

23 Jun

Hey Hey,

Listen to the interview and the song live on Ylex via this player

Eva & Manu

Eva & Manu at Radio YleX!!

22 Jun

We will talk about our music and story at Radio YleX on Thursday 23.6 between 6pm-8pm! Our song “Feet in the Water” has been played there already today and more to come on the interview day, TOMORROW!! And, just so you know this will happen in Finnish! So most likely only Eva talking.. 🙂

Great to share our music with more and more people, it keeps us going.

You can listen to the interview here

Much love,

Eva and Manu

Some news!

20 Jun

Hey hey from sunny Helsinki!

First of all, we are extremely excited to play our first show with the full band tomorrow at Club Liberte, Helsinki! The show will contain songs from our travel and our upcoming album. In addition to our show, Markus Perttula will share some of his songs ( Klo 21.00 Markus Perttula, Klo 22.00 Eva & Manu

Second, we just received an Irish bouzouki that you see also in the video “Feet in the Water”. The video has gotten such great feedback, we are so grateful!! Thousand thanks to our good friend, Max from Mighty Monkey for doing such good work!
Words about our EP ‘Still Traveling” has spread out nicely too. Jamendo is full of wonderful reviews and the amount of downloads from bandcamp and soundcloud is something we didn’t expect at all and it keeps on spreading.

Now, the next step is to write more songs, play shows, keep up with the blog, do couple of radio interviews (on YleX, thursday 23.6.2011 !!) and see where the summer takes us. We have been planning a new trip but it all will get clearer towards August.
A tour in France is confirmed and it will take place in September 2011! More info to come later on.

Thank you SO much for staying and traveling with us.
Eva and Manu

Still Traveling EP – OUT NOW

8 Jun

Hey !

Our first EP is out ! “Still traveling” is for name-your-price Download. Get your own NOW !!

If there is a problem downloading it get it from Soundcloud or you can contact us at

Much Love !!
Eva & Manu

Feet in the water VIDEO !

7 Jun

Hey Hey,

That’s it the video is UP ! It’s been shot entirely in Paris and directed by Maximilien from Mighty Monkey (

Thank you for watching and please drop us a comment !

If you want to download the song here on the right of the player there is an arrow

Love !
Eva & Manu

Feet in the Water VIDEO coming out today !

7 Jun


Woooww! After our interview on Helsingin Sanomat we got hundreds of listeners and new followers. We are so grateful and would like to remind you that you can download the song for free on the soundcloud player (There is an arrow on the right of the player) 🙂


The big news is that the “Feet in the Water” video is coming out today ! It is currently being finished and will be released between now and tonight so stay tuned !

Much love,

Eva & Manu

New Song : Feet in the Water – Free Download !

6 Jun

This wednesday 8th of June our first EP is coming out, though here is an early release of our new song “Feet in the water”

Free download! Share it with all your friends ! (there is a small arrow on the right of the player)

Have a great listen and a beautiful day !

Eva and Manu

EP coming out on Wednesday 8th of June this week ! Free download !

6 Jun

Hey Hey,

That’s it our EP is quite done. It will be released on Wednesday 8th of june this week on most websites :,,
This EP will be for free download but if you wish to donate something there is a Donation button on the right of this page :)!
Today Sun is shinning on this side of the world, we hope your day will be joyful and light-full too!

Thank you again for traveling with us !

PS: if you are in Helsinki, we are playing a show this wednesday in a living-room (infos are on the right of the page). If you need more info contact us at

Eva and manu