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Eva & Manu Live Tomorrow 9.15pm @ Skool Festival (Kalasatama)

18 Aug

So this is it,

We’ve had such wonderful gigs here in Helsinki and tomorrow night will be our last one for the summer 🙂

We will be performing at our friend’s Festival in Kalasataman Konttiaukio :
Skool (

It is a very special kind of festival ! In fact, many of our friends will be going towards different paths in the next couple of weeks and tomorrow is the night for celebration.
It’s been organized by all our friends and let me tell you that it will one unforgettable night :

18.30 Saara Markkanen
19.15 MOPO feat. Anna Tahkola
20.15 Color Dolor
21.15 Eva & Manu
22.15 Kissa pöydälle
23.00 Tundramatiks

+ surprises!

And DJ’s:

DJ Manu the French
DJ Hornet
DJ Tolonen
DJ Smultron

The sun will shine tomorrow and the night will be filled with love, music and friends 🙂
We hope to see you all, meanwhile have a wonderful summer night.

Much much love,

Eva & Manu

PS: i almost forgot, Konttiaukio is a non-profit space, so we cannot sell any drinks or food, so please do bring your own!


Thoughts from Helsinginkatu

13 Aug

It is Saturday morning, Manu is working and I get to drink coffee and write my thoughts here on our blog while listening to the lively Helsinginkatu (Helsinki Street) from our window.
This past week was filled with good news! We got an amazing apartment from Kruununhaka, Helsinki. As we don´t want to plan life too much ahead, we signed the lease for just 5 months. On Thursday we had an interview for Olivia– magazine ( ) with two sweet journalists. We met in a heart-warming cafe Taikalamppu just behind the Kallio library. Best rhubarb pie in town! They will also release our story in Huili magazine, the first ecologic lifestyle magazine in Finland. CHECK THEM OUT

It is also Flow festival weekend. The biggest rising festival in Helsinki. It is very nice, though, I personally liked it more when it was at the back yard of Kuudes Linja. It was a cozy festival with good music and not too many people around you. I saw José González among other awesome musicians. It was small and beautiful and that is why it was so special. Couple past years it has been in Suvilahti, this year starring artists such as Kanye West. There are smaller budget festivals more and more though. This year´s Kallio Blog Party was definitely one of the best! There was barely no money involved, just people working together and lots of new talented musicians playing! We are also organizing a little festival, Skool! in Kalasatama, Helsinki. It is a farewell festival to our good friends Stina Koistinen and Jonathan Hilli, who are moving in to Göteborg to study music. Here´s the event: 

Tour De France

As you might know, we are hitting the road again in September! We organized a mini-tour with our band Ville Kyttälä (bass) and Eeti Nieminen (drs). Can’t wait to get Skipper again and show all the amazing places we saw to our friends! We will stay there 10 days. Perfect. All the shows are listed on the right——>

When we come back, we’ll start working on our album. Studio is not yet booked, for we are still looking for the right one. There are plenty, but not so many with the right vibe for us and our music. If all goes well, we’ll release the album this November!! Wish us luck!

Now, I’m off to Valtteri second-hand store. See you!

Lots of love, Eva

THANK YOU My Finland is International !

1 Aug

We were playing at a big manifest in Helsinki Sunday 31.7. There were hundreds of people walking for human rights, dedicating this one for the tragedy of Norway. People were carrying signs “Breaking the silence”, “STOP hate” while screaming “We won´t walk silent!!”. It was touching and amazing to see the power of people fighting for all the good things in this world. For there are plenty.

We were honored to play our music at Finlandia park, where the manifest ended. People were happy, meeting new friends, learning new languages, meditating. And we sang. It was beautiful.
Thank you Anni Mattila for organizing the music, check out a club she is hosting

With lots of love,
Eva and Manu

Eva & Manu : My Finland is International 🙂

Lost in Jazz + Eva & Manu