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Paris to Rome

26 Sep

Hey there friend!

So the tour ended, our musicians got home safe and we are still in Paris. We got bunch of great feedback of the shows and musically we´ve grown together stronger. We want to thank everyone involved and of course, all those who came to support us at our shows! Thank youuuu! Like said, videos from Tour de France to be released soon.. wait for it.. 🙂

Blackmarket, Rome

We were asked to play an acoustic show at Blackmarket, Rome. We’ve never been at this venue but have heard so much good things about it. The organizers are already taking amazingly good care of us and tomorrow we will fly to Rome and play the show at @Unplugged in Monti, Blackmarket on Wednesday. We will also meet our friends from Tuscany, drink heavenly coffee everywhere and get ourselves our all time favorite, Crema Novi! Crema Novi is like Nutella, but thousand times better. During our travel, whenever we had an extra 4€ to spend, we would get Crema Novi and yes, that was the high light of many rainy weeks :)Maybe we´ll also invest to some ridiculously good olive oil. Here we come Italy!!

Thanks for following, we love you!

Eva & Manu



Last show tonight Toulouse !

22 Sep

Hello !

Here is a quick post before we hit the road to Toulouse for our last gig tonight. We did about 800 kms in the past 3 days and played an amazing show in Bordeaux with Ben & Lulu ( last tuesday at El Chicho.

This trip has been so refreshing, sun has been shinning and yesterday we spent the day at Lacanau-Beach which is THE surf spot in France. What an awesome day, playing with the waves skateboarding and eating burgers. I’m not gonna lie, this trip is AMAZING!!! Did i mention we have some crazy videos? haha wait for it 🙂

There is so much to say and i wish i had enough time to write it all down right now… So, while you wait for the whole story here is a video from our show in Bordeaux. A song called “Stars”:

Thanks to Marie Esbert and her awesome blog ( for this video.

Ciao, we see you in Toulouse in 3 hours !

Manu & Eva

Tour de France!

19 Sep

It is on! The long waited Tour de France!
We have been traveling with Ville, Leissi and Eeti for one full week. We´ve played 3 gigs so far and they´ve all been over our expectations.
First gig, Pop-In, blew us away. It was full and we met great people that night.
The next show at Cafe la Cigale was very different than the trashy/underground Pop-In. It was clean, people sat on their tables while enjoying some food. We liked it there also, we had an awesome sound engineer who got us good sounds and after us played a beautiful duo, Prem Se.

And so we packed our stuff including all the instruments and amps and took the train to the south. When we arrived to Agen, Skipper was waiting for us to hit the road again! There had been many things to see around Paris but the landscape and warmth that the guys discovered in Gers had no words. For us, there had always been one amazing place, L’Ancient Carmel de Condom. Yeeah yeah, the name of the city is Condom. Haha.
Once upon a time there was a man who bought and old Carmel that was under the danger of being destroyed. Now there is a big community where anyone can live for free and in return they work in the organic garden and keep up the place. Mostly it’s people with some past problems with the society. The Carmel is beautiful, people are happy and the food from their own garden was delicious.

Our third gig was at this Carmel. It was full also and we sold a bunch of EPs 🙂

We are filming all the time and will post videos later on so you can again travel with us!

Thank you so much.
Kisses from Leissi, Eeti and Ville!

Eva & Manu

Paris, Red Hots and much more

10 Sep

It was last Wednesday that Manu received a call from a french speaking man. He had heard our music somewhere in the deep waters of internet and obviously liked it. The question was, if Eva & Manu would like to play at the biggest TV show in France, Taratata. WOULD THEY??? Manu almost dropped from his chair, for playing Taratata was Manu’s goal ! It was absolutely amazing. One of our dreams just came true.

Happily, though a bit sadly, we left our wonderful new apartment in Helsinki and flew to Paris. Ah it was good to be back in this marvelous city! Shootings for Taratata was just in couple days after we arrived. We spent the whole Wednesday at the studios. Manu’s brother Alex and our good friend Max ( joined us for the whole day. Max was filming and will do a “making of” about this day at Taratata. We met some wonderful people and what actually surprised us was how nicely everything was organized and how gently they treated us. The sound check was comfortable and we got everything we needed. Food and wine was delicious and our little dressing room was nice too. We saw other artists such as James Morrison, Ed Shreeran and Camille do their sound checks and also met some of them. Then. It was the big moment.
We were hanging at the backdoor while three huge Mercedes-Benz cars parked in front. Security people came out first, they opened the door for 4 guys who anyone, anywhere in the world would recognize; the Red Hot Chili Peppers. All went silent as the rock stars walked inside.
Everyone, including us, ran inside to follow their sound check. You know, sometimes we might think that when a band as huge as RHCP plays a show, they just show up, play, walk back to their cars and drive straight to the airport. But not this band (at least not at Taratata). It was so inspiring to see how much they actually love music, they love playing together and damn it sounds good. After one of their songs Flea shouted  “somebody come record this song!” Yep, they were composing a song just like that during their sound check.

It got closer to the night and the audience came in. We were still at the make-up and hairdressers while the show started. We were one of the last ones to play, so it was a lot of waiting. It never got boring though, it was so interesting to follow what was going on. Then finally, it was our turn. And that turn went faster than a lighting. It was so hard to believe that we were there under the huge spotlights, playing our song from the travel. But beautiful it was. It all started from an idea to travel a year ago, and now we’re playing at the biggest TV show in France. Wow. We got good feedback and felt grateful.

Tour de France is about to start. Our band Ville, Eeti and Leissi are arriving tomorrow! It will be a blast. We have some nice shows coming up and of course, we will travel with Skipper and our good friends. We will surely post videos from the road.

Thank you lots for following us, stay tuned for Tour de France!

Love, Eva and Manu

Eva & Manu featuring Taratata!!!!

2 Sep

Our dream kind of came true. We were asked to play live in one of the biggest TV shows in France, Taratata. We are so grateful and excited that there are no words to describe. Good flow indeed 🙂

Here is the website of the show
and we will inform as soon as we know the exact time of the show.

Eva & Manu