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3 days in the studio, 1 more to go!

30 Oct


We are at the moment recording our first album!! Woohooo! This is so exciting, you don’t know how much we have been waiting for this moment. We have a beautiful studio in one of the oldest cities in Finland, Porvoo. Mankku is an old dance hall that they renovated in to a recording studio. The vibe here is haunting, you would definitely want to stay here at least two weeks. Mankku has a sauna (of course, we are in Finland), a big kitchen, bedrooms and some awesome vintage instruments and synthesizers. Literally, we are in paradise. Take a closer look to the studio here

I guess you never have enough time to make an album without a single thing you wouldn’t change, but still, 4 days in a studio is super short. Luckily we have a superb band who nailed almost everything on the first takes. Now some overdubs and voila!

As we mentioned before, we had Max from Mighty Monkey ( shooting couple days in Helsinki and in the studio. We got even too much footage and hopefully he’ll have time to make us a nice making of, maybe in couple years 😀 Not only was Max getting a great mood to the camera, he was a mental support for us all. He even sacrificed a bed and slept in the control room. Last but definitely not least, he taught us awesome karate kicks. Max oh Max, we’ll miss you!

In November we will play couple shows in Finland but mainly we will concentrate on finishing the work with our album. We have to decide the design, do mixing, calling and finding a perfect label and start planning album release tour next spring and summer.

Thank you for staying with us, with all our love

Eva & Manu + dear band Eeti, Leissi, Ville and our engineer and friend, Joonas.


Musiikki & Media

21 Oct

This is just a quick hello. Hello!
We are on our way to the biggest music conference in Finland, Musiikki & Media.
There will be bunch of important people from music business checking new, promising bands, workshops and so on. Wish us luck!

Taratata also came out,

We are going to the studio next week and we are honored to have our friend Max from Mighty Monkey with us and filming every second. (

Longer post will be coming soon, now we are off to Tampere to take over the world!

Much love, Eva & Manu

ps. we have a new website! woohoo!

Hanging on the web..

15 Oct

Hey Hey,

Yesterday it was TARATATA, if you were not in France you might understand how hard it was to try to see it live. We managed with eva to find France2 and at around 1h20 (Finnish time) we were online … 🙂
What a nice Surprise, it was so impressive to see ourselves in such a big show where all our biggest influences performed. What a show !

If you haven’t watched it or missed it here is the link :> !

Yesterday we also released our new website : where you can find all our latest shows, videos and much more. Though this is not the end of Travel In Music, everytime we have something to say we will mainly post it here !
This week has been filled up with many rehearsals for our upcoming album and it’s really starting to sound like something amazing. Having Eeti, Ville and Leissi around us to create the right sound is just awesome. We cannot wait to get to the studio and guess what, Max (Feet in the Water video maker) will join us to film the studio time and we will release weekly videos with updates… Big YES !

It’s getting a bit chilly here ;), stay warm at home and have a great week-end.

Eva & Manu

Thank you Rome, thank you Paris and what´s UP Helsinki!

4 Oct

Moi !!

Even though we traveled from +29 celcius to +10 celcius, it is So nice to be back in Helsinki. Original plan was to come last Saturday, but we had a surprise waiting at the airport: “YOU ARE NOT FLYING TODAY”. It bummed us out a bit of course for we were ready to go back, but on the other hand, I couldn´t complain for having two extra days in the hot Paris.

ROME was as wonderful as we pictured. They could be many ways to describe this city but what we keep as memories is that it was warm and cosy, though very stressful with the trafic, there was always time to enjoy great Cappuccino :). Emanuele (and his friends organizing Unplugged in Monti) took such good care of us. Basically, group of good friends are renting a wonderful, cozy venue in the heart of Rome, area that anyone would fall in love with, Monti. They named the venue “Blackmarket“. The mood at Blackmarket is amazing, it feels like you´re going to some friend’s living room to hang out with bunch of awesome people. They´ve just started their business and are pretty much the number 1 cozy, acoustic live music venue in Rome. Our gig was sold-out and even though some small hassle with the sound system, we enjoyed every second and felt like the audience did too. We also took the time to shoot two videos that should be released later on this week. THANK YOU AGAIN, WE WILL BE BACK….

We got back to Helsinki very late last night and tonight we have a show at Mascot. We’ll be playing acoustic Trio with Ville to help us groove the place ! Oh and, Tomorrow we will head to our FIRST SHOW in Jyväskylä, Eva´s hometown! We are so excited to play there. First Wednesday at Poppari, a legendary Live Music Club and the Friday a small festival Älylän ehtoo. After these gigs starts a intense rehearsing (and wine drinking) period with the band for the upcoming album recording!

October will be busy but keep posted with our blog, we have lots to release : Videos, website … I can’t tell you more 😉

Much Much love,

Eva & Manu


– Poster by Sabrina Gabrielli – Picture taken by Katja Tahja –