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8 Nov

So, last week we played a show in Fanny, Helsinki. It was superb, great mood and awesome people around. Eliso from Lucky Productions got bowls of candies and chips to the tables and every time there is a concert, somebody from “attending” the event on Facebook wins free lunch tickets to Fanny Bar and Kitchen. This time there was 3 lucky people who will enjoy the meal, and the food in Fanny is ridiculously delicious. Just couple days before the show Manu got quite sick, some bug in his stomach was bothering him. Due to this illness we had to improvise! In the beginning I played some of my Finnish songs with Leissi. It was nice to sing in my own language for change. I have to admit that there is a totally different vibe to it when you sing in your native language. Naturally, it feels more personal.

Photos by Alexandro “Allu” Lorenzo

We’ve been working on the album and now we have a trumpet player, Eva’s brother Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori, who is probably the most talented trumpet player on earth! It’s so great to have talented friends and family so we can create a super awesome first album with their help. Oh which brought Feist and her new album Metals to my mind. Daaaaaaamn its such a great album. The first time I heard it through I was like “mmmnnnyeeeeh?” but now, after repeating particular songs over and over again I could say this is one of the best albums of 2011. And, I mean, come ooon she is freaking hot! Check “Metals” out at

What else.. Well we got a really nice gig in a Stand Up night 25.11.2011 at the most beeautiful concert hall “Sibeliustalo” in Lahti, Finland. There will be stand up comedians from foreign backgrounds and then us 🙂 Look at this gorgeous venue

Today we were featured on a big magazine “City”  in Finland! They wrote nicely about our travels. (Only in Finnish though, sorry!)

Now off to cook dinner for Kalevi and Sona, have a great week guys.

Love, Eva & Manu


Acoustic set at Fanny tonight!

2 Nov

Helloo! We are playing cozy acoustic set in the heart of Helsinki tonight!
The event will take place at Fanny bar and kitchen at 19.30pm.

Check out the event here:

You might see Eva playing guitar after a looong break.. 🙂

Warmly welcome for a cup of tea and music!

Love, Eva & Manu