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Hyvää Noel – Christmas EP

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Everybody !

Here it is : our first little Christmas EP.


We recorded those two songs in one night, right before manu took the plane home.
It was kind of funny to lay out very simple guitars and vocals after spending so much time in the studio.
Though it was just so relaxing to record it “as it is” and not try to do too much with the sounds. It’s a true christmas vibe, simple and loving.

The first song “Heinillä Härkien” is one of Eva’s favourites and the second one “God rest ye merry gentlemen” is the first song manu ever sang.

We tried to keep it very raw even though we might have gotten a bit crazy with the vocal effect…
oh well it’s christmas ! haha 🙂

We hope you will enjoy the sound of this little EP and that it will keep you warm in your heart.

Hyvää Joulua and Joyeux Noel !!

Eva & Manu

Photo taken by KATJA TÄHJÄ :

released 24 December 2011
All songs were played, recorded and mixed by Eeva Louhivuori and Emmanuel Laudic. all rights reserved 2011



23 Dec

Hey everyone!

We want to thank you all so much and wish you merry merry christmas, or if not that, just very relaxed holidays. We´ve all deserved it. 

Much love,

Eva & Manu

Eva & Manu – Forgive Me (Lunch Break @ Mankku Studio)

6 Dec

While the guys were having lunch, Max found Eva playing around with an old beat-up piano. As she was humming the sounds of our song ” Forgive Me “, Max grabbed his camera..
Here it is friends! Eva singing Forgive Me, made by the amazing Max from Mighty Monkey.


Eva & Manu

A new video up 6.12.2011 12pm (Finnish time)

6 Dec


And happy independence day Finland! Tonight is the big party at the Presidents Castle, that our first female president Tarja Halonen will host for the last time.Go Tarja! Will also hear Eva´s cousin Osmo Ikonen sing at the party. GO OSMO! 🙂

We will release a new video, live from the Mankku Studio where we recorded our album. It will be a “lunch break” style, Eva singing Forgive Me. It will be released in about one hour so STAY TUNED FRIENDS! The video will come up here on our blog, YouTube, Facebook (Eva & Manu – Travel in Music)

Much love,

Eva & Manu


2 Dec

Eva & Manu – Teaser 1 (Studio) from Eva & Manu on Vimeo.

That is our first teaser from the studio!
Needless to say, it´s been way too long since our last blog update. The reason is simple for we have been really busy with working on our album. And guys, this album will kick ass 🙂 . We are so excited about it and have some amazingly talented people working with us.The last week or so, we´ve been doing mixes of the songs Hold on and All I can see. You can hear the very first version of Hold on on our YouTube channel: SO nostalgic to watch these videos!! We have played these songs so many times and feels like only now they are starting to find their final form. I mean, the way we sing and perform them, it has changed a lot. But in a good way. Yes, change is always good. Well, most of the time.

We had couple gigs in November, one really cool one was in Lahden Sibeliustalo, where we were part of a comedy night. We closed up the first half with performing Feet in the water and it was nice to see how people liked it. Though, I was going over and over the best jokes I have because, well it was a Sit Com show and I felt I should be superduper funny also. Luckily I didn´t even try to pull that card out , it would have been just really embarrassing 😀 There was also a Philippine dancer, sadly we missed his show because we had to drive back to Helsinki..

Tonight we are going to hear my brother´s band The Northern Governors! Sooooo cool, they´ve played around a lot but still I haven´t catch them live.. It´s a ridiculous ensemble with some of the best musicians in Finland; Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori, Petteri Sariola, Osmo Ikonen, Tuomo Prättälä…. and the best thing is that they are all related, and also related to me. Oh us and our crazy music mafia family. Love it.

We will release a new teaser soon and it will be up here also.

Thanks guys and see you soon,