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Eva & Manu & A New Chapter

30 Jan


We are moving out from our apartment in Kruununhaka in two days! Holy moly. After that we are back to our lifestyle: homeless 😀 Even it is scary, somehow it is so inspiring to live in the moment and not knowing where we will be in two months. I mean, we do know in which country we will be but we have no idea whatsoever where we will be living. Oh well, it will all figure out by itself for sure! It´s just another new chapter.

We will have our last show on Thursday. That will take place in Kanneltalo, Helsinki, in a school festival Close Encounters. The school is Pop&Jazz Conservatory, where Eva used to study before moving to the States. There will be bands from many countries, including the States: a band from Berklee College of Music will be there also! Nostalgic for us, it is the school where we two met and studied for 2 years. We will be playing first show with another drummer, Tatu Rönkkö and with Ville Kyttälä on bass. This show will be aaawesome, if you happen to be in the area, definitely come check it out! And come say hi to us! You can find tickets and more from here: Tickets will be available on the door also, 5€ each.

Whaaaat do I mean by having our “last show”? Well. We are going to France on Friday 3rd. We´ll go to South-France to finish up our album recordings 🙂 So while we do this, we won´t have any shows. Though, we will post a video blog from the studio (that we will build ourselves to Manu´s dads´farm!). You can follow up the process here and on Facebook! After we are done with the recording we will go to Paris for about a month and after we´ll come back to Finland to play more shows and… release the album!!!! Can´t wait for that day!

What else.. Oh! We will be playing on many GREAT festivals this summer, more details to come when the dates will get confirmed.

Again, lots LOTS of happiness and stay tuned guys!

Eva & Manu



15 Jan

Hey hey hey!

Ahhh what a weekend.. And it´s finally winter in Helsinki! Yesterday it was -7 Celsius, lots of snow and hot chocolate! The snow just brings so much light even if its quite dark most of the day.

So. About our weekend. On Friday we had an awesome show in Rauma, Finland. This city is MAGICAL! It was the first time for us there and will definitely not be the last one. The part of Old Rauma is just breathtaking. We had our acoustic duo gig at Kahvila Soppi. Its a new (May 2011) organic cafe where you can also have pizzas, pastas, salads and real Italian ice-cream. Kahvila Soppi is founded by couple of good friends and the vibe in that place is something you just have to experience. Check out their website, Facebook and more

Saturday afternoon after getting a cool sight-seeing of Old Rauma from locals, we drove back to Helsinki. Luckily it was a sunny day, because we had an old car that barely stayed on the road 😀 So we came back to Helsinki and played couple of our songs at Lavaklubi, Kansallisteatteri (National Theater). Two actresses Anna Paavilainen and Marja Salo hosts a club called Omatuntoklubi every second Saturday of each month. It´s sort of an open stage, so if you feel like you have something to say to the world, maybe just one song, I definitely recommend you to check out Omatuntoklubi

Alrighty! Next week we will be releasing a new video, live from the studio. Stay tuned, up and happy!


E & M

! 2011-2012 !

1 Jan

Hey all you lovely people around the world!

We are SO thankful for the year 2011. It has been simply amazing. There is no better thing such as meeting new people from various countries, playing our music for all of you and getting amazing feedback in return. Our music has touched many people and many people has touched us with beautiful words and stories.

We want to wish you all the most beautiful year of 2012. Be adventurous, do things you always dreamed of for opening a new door will lead you to the most amazing places.

With lots of love,

Eva & Manu