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Studio day # who knows.

17 Feb


we are still alive! Frozen but alive! And the album is starting to sound reeeeeal goooood… There has been quite a lot of difficulties though. First of all, it has been really cold to record vocals (imagine yourself singing in +5 celcius): Normally its not this cold in South-West. Then, Manu lost his voice for couple of days and its still a bit rough but sounds good for some songs! The biggest misfortune was when Manus computer crashed. LUCKILY we had bunch of back-ups so we didnt loose anything super important. Took us two days to receive Protools, installed it to Evas laptop and it works! Woohoo! But hey, lets not only talk about the bad stuff for there are a positive side to all of the previous negative situations:

1. The coldness made our immune system super strong, now cold doesnt feel so cold. Also, if we`ll ever have a gig in an iglu or somewhere else cold, we`ll be just fine.

2. Manus rusty and a bit sick voice sounds SO good on couple of tunes!

3. We lost some of Manus vocals tracks when the computer crashed, redid them and they sound much better now.

Here are couple of pictures from my iPhone (so not amazing quality):

Eva & Manu Ilosaarirock 2012

Good news! We are announcing that we are playing in Ilosaarirock 2012! It’s one of the best festivals in Finland and it has been Eva’s teenage dream to play there! The line-up overall is really good (Anthony & The Johnsons, The xx…) , we are thrilled.

Check Ilosaarirock 2012 out here:

We have other amazing gigs coming up and we will keep on updating our tour dates here.

Now we are off to bed. Tomorrow we will finish up a brand new song and start tracking down In Montreal.

Thanks guys, stay tuned!



South-France and home studio day #1

8 Feb

It. is. Cold. Here..

Nevertheless, we are recording vocals! We feel like such warriors fighting against this bizarrely cold weather in the Gers, South-France. Well it´s actually not that cold, especially for a finn (-8c elcius or so) but its FREEZING inside the old house ´cause there´s absolutely no insolation whatsoever. And usually it´s not this cold around here. But we have a lot (I mean, a lot lot lot) of cloths on and liters of tea so.. we´ll be fine! And it´s really beautiful here. Though, if you guys won´t hear anything from us in the next, say, couple of days, you´ll know we didn´t make it. Haha.

Today we found a good spot for the mic and started tracking Eva´s vocals for “Feet in the water”. It feels just perfect to have all the time in the world over here, no hurry, no other activities to interrupt us (except ridiculously good food and beautiful nature) and no pressure of being in a studio with limited time and stress to sing the best you ever can on that very moment. Its so peaceful here! We are sooo dreaming of building our own good studio, hopefully we can start someday soon!

Oh, we are also happy to announce upcoming shows soon! As usual, they´ll be up here, Facebook and on

All the best for you, stay warm and tuned  and so will we!