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From Paris with love

11 Mar

Sunday is a great day for writing blog. Sun is shining and everyone is taking it very easy today.

We went for a run in the morning and my oh my, it was amazing. The forrest we ran in was full of stunningly beautiful big trees, little rivers and ponds. What made our perfect jogging even more perfect was Runkeeper, our new best friend and an application for iPhone that guides you while you run. At the end it shows you a map of your route and all.. Anyways, funny toy. Also its incredible how sport and exercise makes you feel better. Physically of course but even more mentally. It’s been quite stressful to work on this album just on our own so a jog couple times a week totally cures the mind out of stress! We haven´t really worked today because it´s important to take days off.. Here’s one pic from the pond:

We are almost ready with the recordings and all. We are working with a great italian artist Sabrina Gabrielli who will make our album artwork. It will look goooood, we can’t wait to share it with you all! Even though it’s amazing to do this album just the two of us, it gets quite difficult sometimes. We are too close to the music to say if this vowel and this rhythm on the lyrics is good or not. Though, we can decide every single thing on our own, which makes this album even more personal. But after recording for couple of months, we came to the conclusion that for the second album we’ll get a producer to work with us 🙂 Here’s a pic from one week back when we recorded some keyboards with our good friend and family member Arno in Mere, near Paris:

Next week will be important for us, because we are starting to work with a label! We can’t tell more yet but during next week you and we will know more. We’re super excited and can’t wait to start working with them 🙂

New shows have been announced (more to come later on) and as usual, you’ll find all of them, past and upcoming gigs, on the right——->

Take care and stay tuned for more news..

Love from Paris,