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Debutalbum news!

21 Oct

Once again, time has flown so fast! Though, many things have happened since our debutalbum release. First of all it was very exciting to follow how the album started to move after the release. It has hanged up nicely at the Finnish Charts and we´ve got a lot of good feedback! Thank You !!

We would love to go back in time a little bit, and see what has been happening in the past 2 months, here we go 🙂

17.8. (date of release) at Huvila-tent, Helsinki Festival

Eva said she has nerver been that nervous. It was not the show that was tickling in the stomach, but the release of our very first album! So much work, thinking, laughing, crying, new collaborations, and now all of it was out… just like that! We felt, at the same time, very happy, relieved and also somehow empty. Making this album has been such a challenging and great experience! At Huvila-tent we played a duo set before the american singer, Madeleine Peyroux and her band. It was a great … let me say it again …. Amazing night.

21.9. Reeperbahn festival, Hamburg, Germany // 22.9. Monsters of Pop, Tampere, Finland

This weekend at the end of September was full of traveling, meeting new people and playing our music at two beautiful venues. First, on Friday we got to play a wonderful showcase/festival : “Reeperbahn Festival”, Hamburg. This was our first show in Germany and daaaamn we want to come back!! We have to say that we can’t forget the home-brewed Festival beer. Mmmm! St. Pauli and around was a super cool area, with many small restaurants and cafes full of smily and bohemian people 🙂

Here´s a morning view from our Reeperbahn hotel:

The next morning we took a plane back to Helsinki, from where we drove straight to Tampere for the “Monsters of Pop- festival”. Wonderful Telakka was warm as always, and you guys sang beautifully. I think some of it is on youtube 🙂

Well… It was magical.

28.9. Lutakko, Jyväskylä and unfortunate cancellation of the show

We’ve been looking to come back with the band in Jyväskylä for so long and what a better place than Lutakko. Our band had arrived from Helsinki and at soundcheck started to wonder where was Eva and Manu. Well. Manu got a horrible stomach pain and fever about 30 minutes before the supposed soundcheck. Our family friend, a doctor came to check Manu out, and ordered us to go straight away to the hospital. Manu´s pain got worse and worse, and in 10 minutes we were at the hospital. They checked him out again and figured that they had to cut his appendix. How now, just minutes before the show this could happen?
The news spread fast in the social media and among friends, so luckily most of the people heard what happened.

If you are one of those people, just know that you can use your ticket at our replacing date 7/12. 

10.10 Tavastia, Helsinki

We did our first album release show in Helsinki with the full band at the most known venue of Finland, Tavastia. Oohhh it was nice to play with a cellist, Iiris Tötterström. She brought so much emotion and beautyness (is that even a word?) into our music! Thank you Iiris and our band Eeti, Ville and Leissi! We love you!

To all of you guys there, Thank you !!… it was an amazing evening 🙂

20.10 Music & Media, Tampere

“The annual Finnish music industry bash Music & Media gathers together over 700 music business professionals – that is, some 100 top notch guests from all over the world and all the key players of the Finnish music industry. Showcasefestival Lost In Music -festival presents nearly 100 Finland’s hottest new artists at 12 venues in Tampere, just within walking distance. Music & Media Finland is organised by Suomen Musiikki & Media-Tapahtumat S.M.M. Oy in co-operation with Lost In Music and Music Export Finland.”

That was easier to copy-paste than to explain myself 🙂 hihi. Anyways, we got to be part of Music & Media 2012 on Saturday 20th at Telakka (yes, the same venue where we played for Monsters of Pop). The day started with couple hours of interviews with very interesting journalists from France, Holland and Sweden.
There was a nice little buzz all around the beautiful Tampere, when the city was filled with music and media people from all over the world.
It was a very special evening, and we did our “encore” closer to the people. We left our mics and came in the middle of the packed Telakka. That was just Wow, just WOW. You could almost hear people breathing!
After our show we stayed there to listen to Phantom, an up and coming finnish electro duo. Check them out if you already havent! We got a lot of new contacts and friends 🙂

Well, thats about it for now. We have more news coming up this week so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, look at this last picture and think if you should get one of those too.. 🙂

Lots of love,


Upcoming shows:

Sunday 28/10, Musiikkimessut, Helsinki

Thursday 1/11, 45-special, Oulu

Friday 2/11, 3″ kuppila, Raahe

Saturday 10/11, Silkkiklubi, Tikkurila

Saturday 24/11, Finlandia-klubi with Felix Zenger

Friday 7/12, Lutakko, Jyväskylä