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100% nature

29 Apr


We have spent the past weekend in the amazing southwest of France, Gers where our trip first began in 2010. So much has happened since. Its incredible!
Last time we were here was almost exactly a year ago, when we recorded all the vocals for our debut album. Though then it was about -5 Celsius inside, now its a bit warmer and sunnier!

There´s been a new addition to the family : a beautiful foal! We have never witnessed something like that before, waaa! Now, only few days after its birth the foal and its mother are happily running in the green fields.

Manu’s dad Jean Laudic and Anne Gouyon organize camps for kids during summer and if you want to learn more about their project and what happens in their farm you Should really follow their blog L´Aube du Chêne, here and drop them a comment 🙂

Here are some pictures I took with my phone, just so you get a little touch of how it is here at the moment




At the moment we are cleaning Skipper and making it ready to depart with us tomorrow!! First we will drive to Paris to get all the gear, spend a couple of days there and then we will hit the road towards Munich, Germany where we will play in Milla Live Club.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket already you can check this link for all German dates:

Thank you for following, and more updates soon!




Beauty and the beast

27 Apr

Good news! Our song “Stars” was featured on a TV-show “Beauty and the beast”, airing in the US, Canada and of course worldwide!

Here´s the link to the page where you can watch the episode.


De Paris avec l´amour

23 Apr

Here we are, just arrived to Paris last night. Manu feels so good to be home, and I do also. Last time was too many months ago! The spring is in its blossom and we cant be outside without jackets! Wohooo! Today we´ve been working on some lyrics and music but honestly, we´ve spend most of the time outside in the sun 🙂


We had the first shows of our tour in Breda, Zwolle and Zurich. We just love the Netherlands, everyone seems so happy and they were taking good care of us. The first venue, Mezz Cafe in Breda (south of Holland) was small and cosy venue where they have live music couple times a week. Definitely a place worth checking out if you´re around there. Here´s a picture we already posted once but here it´s again. Manu setting up at Mezz Cafe:


A VERY filling breakfast in Breda the next morning, before heading to Zwolle:

Breakfast Breda

We hopped on the train and headed a bit more north towards Zwolle. We walked around the city and it seemed really nice too. There was a very cute little teashop where we found some good tea and infusion. We didn’t have too much time before the soundcheck, so we basically went straight to the venue. The main venue is called Hedon and we played in a venue called Popfront attached to Hedon, a bit more intime place for live music. Once again audience was warm and welcoming! Thank you everyone for coming out!



The next day, on Saturday we took the plane towards Switzerland! We had our third show at Komplex 457 event called Sounds Nordic, Sounds Good. We played with Johnossi, Amanda Jenssen, Helldorado and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. The place was packed and mood was great. After the show we got to spend two more days in Zurich with Eva´s cousins place, what a relaxing couple days! 🙂


On Friday we will do something we´ve been waiting for SOOO long; going to get Skipper!!
Until then, we wish lots of sun and happiness to your days. Thank you for following.

De Paris avec l´amour,


Thank you Breda!

19 Apr

What a beautiful mood at Mezz Cafe last night! It’s so amazing to come see new cities and play our music to new audience. We had wonderful dinner and met friends. Also made new ones.

Now we’re on our way to our second city, Zwolle. There is venue called Hedon/Popfront Cafe waiting for us! If you’re around, come stop by, its free 🙂

Pictures and more blogging to be followed.. Stay tuned!

With love,

Ps. Here’s Manu setting up last night @Mezz Cafe


European tour with Skipper!

18 Apr


Blogging again and for the next month and a half even more. We are in Amsterdam at the moment, enjoying the beautiful spring and the big sun! Yesterday we walked around the city and also passed Paradiso where we played about a month back. Today we are taking the train to Breda where we will be playing our first show (Mezz Cafe) of the European tour.


Next week after Breda, Zwolle and Zurich we are traveling to the south of France to pick up our camper, Skipper, with who (yes, its a person) we did our very first trip and Travel in Music- blog! Skipper is where this all began and most of our songs where written in. We have been waiting for this moment for SO long and now its happening!! 🙂 We will take Skipper and drive towards Germany, where we will be playing for about 10 days. That includes some TV-appearance also, more info about that to be followed later on.

Now its time to like, share and comment and get this blog on track again!
Welcome on board and thank you for traveling with us!

With much love,


Manu leaving on tour