Germany day #5

13 May

Wow, the time has gone so fast on the tour! It´s already day 5 and we are in Hamburg at the moment. First show we had was last Thursday in Munchen where we played at Milla Live Club just the two of us. Milla Club has been a live music venue only for about 6 months, and we heard that it actually used to be a river before! The crew was super nice to us and the gig went well too! Warm and welcoming first gig indeed.

Eva @ Milla

The next day we drove to Frankfurt where our drummer Eeti joined us. During the drive from Munich to Frankfurt we picked up a german hitchhiker and he gave us very good company along the way. For the first time every Skipper was pulled over by the polizei. Nothing serious, just a normal control and they were really nice to us 🙂 They just spotted Skipper because he obviously draws a lot of attention! After a couple hours of driving, listening to music and enjoying the stunning views, we arrived. This time our venue was a bit out from the city, a very cool place called Brotfabrik. The sun was shining and us and Skipper were really happy! Also, for the first time ever Eva´s keyboard didn´t work in the beginning of the show. What had happened?? Well we don´t know either. For the first 4 songs Manu was entertaining the audience while Eva was partly singing and partly trying to solve the problem with Terttu, our sound engineer. After many sweat drops we got it working! Audience bared with is this whole time, thank you everyone who came out!

Polizei germany


We stayed two nights in Frankfurt, from where we drove to Köln. This, the show #3 was in a place called Yard Club. Another cool show and we got to sign a finnish flag after our show 😉 Our audience has been super nice and welcoming in every city.

At the moment we are in Hamburg, right in the heart of the famous Reeperbahn. Our venue tonight is right around the corner, in Prinzenbar. Showtime 8pm! We have been there once before, during Reeperbahn Festival where we played last year. We found an amazing italian restaurant right behind Reeperbahn and will definitely go back there! The best pizza and pasta, very homemade and tasty.

Now, off to the soundcheck and getting ready for the show tonight!

With love,


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