Danke schön!

20 May

So the german tour is over and we are back to France. We are two very tired but happy souls! We got to see so many cities; Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt and all the cities we crossed on the way. Skipper never let us down even it was full of gear, suitcases, musicians (Eeti), hitchhikers (dont remember his name but a very cool guy) and sound engineers (Terttu). We were also very lucky with the weather for most of the time it was super hot and sunny. We ate ice cream, a lot of ice cream. Once again the shows were great, and we had very good time with Die Zeit, ZDF, Radio Bremen and Radio Bayern 3.





It was rather nostalgic to tour Germany with our van. Everything started from there, Skipper is really like a home for us. When someone could think its very tiny and rather old, we think its the most comfy and best place to sleep in. It really is what you make it! We drove long distances, sometimes 500km a day (and remember, Skipper goes average 80km/h) so we had lots of time to think and listen to music. So much has happened since we drove that van the last time. When we first left we had no idea what would happen. We had no idea that one year after traveling we would have an amazing record label, lots of fans and our first album out! This tour in Germany brought all these memories back and made us remember why we are doing what we are doing.

We are staying in France for one more week, for example to celebrate Manu’s 24th birthday next weekend! In Finland we will have lots of things to do so this will be our so called holiday week!


With lots of love and danke schön,




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