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Magical weekend

17 Jun

One of the most expected weekends just passed and we had two great shows!! First one was Friday at Provinssirock, one of the most legendary music festivals in Finland. We got there around afternoon with our sound magician, Kalle Keski-Orvola and drummer Eeti Nieminen. Mood was happy and festival-a-like. Weather was like in November but didn´t seem to stop the crowd! While walking on the festival area, a man dressed as a Batman stopped Eva and wanted to save her from this world! I mean, BATMAN! She was honored, but continued walking.
Our stage was Rumba stage. Among us there was glam rock, punk as acoustic music. Nice variety of more known and new coming bands! We did a super funny interview with radio YleX before our show, and that interview finally got us to the exciting festival mood! Eva was part of Summeri TV show on YLE, where she was hanging around with Julianna, a 17 years old host of the summer TV-show. They went to talk to different people, talked what is important to have on you during a weekend-festival and also went to explore the dangerous and challenging “bajamajas”, aka “brought to the spot”- toilets. Yaiks. We also got soaking wet!!
So, our show was real nice. Towards the end we started to hear the kicking beat of Blur, and joined the crowd to see their show after ours 🙂 THANK YOU PROVINSSI!

Photo 14.6.2013 19.39.32

Photo 14.6.2013 20.42.48

Photo 14.6.2013 23.12.45

The next day we hit the road towards east, Kuopio. There was a small festival LUMO, which they call “the festival of good mood”. It certainly was! We played at the old harbour, Ravintola Wanha Satama. The venue was beautiful wood building that looked like one from old pirate movies! Super nice crew and our first touch to Kuopio. We started at 9pm and were more than happy to play to a full house! Our bassist and good friend Ville Kyttälä joined the stage for this show. THANK YOU KUOPIO! 🙂 After our show we stayed at the venue to see the next band, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble feat. Axl Smith. Its a rather new finnish/african collaboration that gives much joy and happiness! Two percussionists from Benin brought the extra flavour that finally made even the stiff finnish audience party and dance.

Photo 16.6.2013 0.10.12

Photo 16.6.2013 2.45.10Photo 16.6.2013 0.10.38Photo 15.6.2013 18.58.15

Next day we headed back to the south very early, came back home tired but extremely satisfied and happy. Next stop is Tampere Valtteri-festival where we play THU 20th and FRI 21st. WILL BE GREAT!

Thanks for following and lets get the big sun back here!! 🙂



!Summer festivals!

9 Jun

It has been so sunny and warm in Finland that our time on the computer has been limited.. as you can imagine. Us finns we enjoy the sun probably more than an average western person as the winter here is SO long! We also just moved in to a new house where we are setting up our studio to start songwriting. We are dying to write more songs, this spring has been so busy that we didn´t have time for it! Now we have a very nice amount of summer shows and will have time to hang out at the countryside studio, drink orangejuice (fresh, of course), jam and write music.

Someone just asked me during an interview if we will ever settle down. Seems like we are constantly on the move. Boston, camper, Helsinki (where we have moved in 4 times). Only thing I could answer was, that we are very spontaneous people and always live with the feeling. Also, we dont own so much at the moment so moving is quite painless! In a way its very exiting to be a little bit unsure of the future. You know? Or then we are nuts. Either way, summer is here and we are happy among everyone else!

Lets get to the summer shows. Like I said above, we have nice pace with playing concerts and we are traveling nicely around Finland. As usual, lots of shows will be updated along the summer, but at the moment the schedule looks like this:

SAT 15.6 LUMO-festivaali, Kuopio
THU/FRI 20/21.6 VALTTERI-festivaali, Tampere
TUE/WED 9/10.7 Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Kaustinen
SAT 27.7 TBA
SAT 3.8 TBA, Helsinki
SAT 17.8 KOITELI ELÄÄ-festival, Koiteli

Most of the gigs we are doing duo or trio (with our drummer), Pori Jazz will be a special full band show! There we are sharing the Kirjurinluoto Areena stage with AMADOU&MARIAM!! A band from Mali we have listened to A LOT. At Provinssirock we are playing same date with BLUR, BASTILLE, MEW and many others. You can follow our summer trip on our facebook page.

With lots of love,

Eva (&Manu)