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Round ´n round we play ´n go!

16 Jul

How to put it… WE ARE FULL OF LOVE GUYS!!!! Kaustinen Folk Music Festival and Jyväskylän kesä: YES! Its so cool that we can do either bigger venue gigs or then very intimate acoustic shows. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is an old and very low key festival in Kaustinen, Finland. This little town is full of musicians and so you can imagine how nice the festival is. Music everywhere, players in every corner. There were big jams of lots of people playing violins, flutes, guitars etc together. We were proud to be a part of it this year. We got to play at the main Arena last Tuesday where the mood was nice. Candles, flowers, smiling people. The next day we played at the tent Cafe Mondo. Too bad we had to shorten our set due to some schedule problems.. We actually forgot to take pictures because we had so much stuff to do, but heres a couple.







And here are couple of pictures by Jiri Halttunen from Jyväskylän Kesä at Bar Vakiopaine:

Eva&Manu Vakiopaine 2013_3 © Jiri Halttunen

Eva&Manu Vakiopaine 2013_2 © Jiri Halttunen

Manu Vakiopaine 2013 © Jiri Halttunen

Eva Vakiopaine 2013 © Jiri Halttunen

More posts to come, we are working on some new stuff and will post about the process quite soon.

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