21 Nov

Whats up! It´s Eva here. Just got back from Norway where we played our last shows in a long time. NOW we are officially writing our second album, with no shows ahead. Feels empty in a way! The past 2 years we´ve done at least a gig or two in a week. Damnet! Where are we going to express ourselves now! Well..in our new songs 🙂 Right now we spend most of the days listening to music and writing songs. We live in Nurmijärvi in the beautiful countyside and here we can really enjoy the silence.

The past two years has been a hell of a ride! So much has happened and it feels like my head is spinning around. I am happy, fulfilled and have no words to thank you, our followers and listeners enough.

The process of songwriting

I´ve been starting to realize, how long of a process it actually is to write a new album (I bet anyone who has done albums or anything creative can agree with me on this one). Specially in our case, where our debutalbum was made so spontaneously. I mean seriously, we didn´t even think we would form an official touring band when we started to write songs together! We were just a guy and a girl  looking to travel and explore the world. Wrote songs about it. Kept diary and figured out what we should do next. This second album is a really different process. We live in our countryside house now, we dont travel like we used to and we dont work on different farms like we used to. All that is now somewhere in the golden treasure-box of memories and NOW its time to do something new.

What will you write about? Where do you get the stories now?

We´ve been asked this question a lot. Sure like any other songwriter or human being (did I just separate those two from each other?) we go through little crisis, happy times, love, life in general. Its like there is a little person inside of us wanting to tell how she/he feels, what is happening, what could happen, and that keeps us writing songs. We are storytellers. As a duo we are more independent than before, more individuals and that´ll play a big part on our new album. Manu and I tell our own stories and share them together with our listeners. It sure isnt the easiest path to be a couple and a band at the same time, but we manage well and every obstacle on the way makes us stronger. One challenge is also not to fall in to that “what will other people think”- mood. Once you let those thoughts take control, its really hard to get back. Its such a sensitive thing to write songs and perform them. You completely open yourself up.

I´ve had other bands before, but none of them have had this much impact on me than Eva&Manu. There is so much connected to this band, to the songs and everything. Im a lot more careful with what I write than before. In my opinion lately I´ve written very good songs, and veeeery bad songs. But I don´t throw the bad songs to the garbage like I used to. I proudly add them right next to the good ones in my song collection. I never forget Livingston Taylor´s songwriting class at Berklee where he said this: “always remember, allow yourself to write shit.” The most important thing is to just keep on writing! Don´t be too critical. Its better to write weak songs than not to write at all.

To the end, here´s a couple of pictures from our trip to Norway last week! We spent two days in a beautiful little town called Larvik. Its about 1,5h drive to the south from Oslo. Wonderful, wonderful place! Larvik Sushi had so incredibly good food that we might go back there just for that. Our venue was by the sea and we went to swim in the ice cold ocean also. Oslo was beautiful as always!

Much love and feel free to follow our songwriting process here on Travel in Music!
Eva (&Manu)







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