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Last show tonight Toulouse !

22 Sep

Hello !

Here is a quick post before we hit the road to Toulouse for our last gig tonight. We did about 800 kms in the past 3 days and played an amazing show in Bordeaux with Ben & Lulu (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ben-le-Jukebox/141569745877053?sk=wall) last tuesday at El Chicho.

This trip has been so refreshing, sun has been shinning and yesterday we spent the day at Lacanau-Beach which is THE surf spot in France. What an awesome day, playing with the waves skateboarding and eating burgers. I’m not gonna lie, this trip is AMAZING!!! Did i mention we have some crazy videos? haha wait for it 🙂

There is so much to say and i wish i had enough time to write it all down right now… So, while you wait for the whole story here is a video from our show in Bordeaux. A song called “Stars”:

Thanks to Marie Esbert and her awesome blog (http://k0waiii.blogspot.com/2011/09/eva-manu-french-tour.html?spref=fb) for this video.

Ciao, we see you in Toulouse in 3 hours !

Manu & Eva


New video Up soon !!!

1 Apr

Hello everybody,

That’s it, the sun is rising and so tomorrow we are shooting our new video.
It will be very special. Our amazing friend Max will film and produce the video. It’s a new song but i won’t say much more… Soon it’ll be uploaded.

In the meantime check out his Website : www.mightymonkey.fr

Much love to you all
Manu and Eva