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Where the eagles fly on the mountain high

19 Jan


Literally, at the moment we are as high as the eagles and vultures live. Surrounded by bears and wolves, at about 1000m altitude next to the mysterious city of Tarascon-sur-ariege, a wonderful couple from England is hosting us. They are doing a beautiful work for the good of the nature; they protect the wildlife. They take care of all kinds of insects, make sure the butterflies have the plants and flowers they need and much much more. Terry has been working undercover as an animal cruelty spy and he wrote two books about his work. A job you definitely don’t see every day. His website is here, take a moment to learn about his projects against animal cruelty around the world  http://www.ruadan.co.uk/

Terry and Denise also host Eco Wildlife Tours, check out their website: http://faunus.co.uk/ Not only they work with these things, but they truly and honestly dedicate their whole life for the nature and animals. Have to say, the world needs these people.

As we drove down here, we passed probably the most mysterious and interesting area in France; Languedoc. That is where Catharism, Secret Orders, Knights and werewolves took place. We walked in Carcassonne, where the history never dies. The castle and the city itself has been kept in such great shape (for all the tourists 🙂 ). From far away ,Carcassonne looks like some kind of Fairy tale!

We are working in the woods and the boys have been cutting big trees down for two days now. Of course I wanted to show the women’s strength and I managed to cut one tree down! Yai! Manu was sick for couple of days but with the help of lemon and ginger he finally got better. Long live nature medicines!

We are working on the Week 12 song + video which will be up during the weekend, so stay tuned!
Until then, be safe and enjoy the days as they would be the most precious ones youll have.

With lots of love,
Eva and Manu